UX researcher
Hey there! I'm Kate. I started in computer science, but I've always been deeply captivated by human behavior. I've danced between psychology and cybernetics, eventually landing in strategic marketing. My journey has seen me wear many hats: a system and business analyst, Google advertising manager, CEO of the photo studio, project manager, and even concert photographer. Over the past 5 years, I've dedicated my expertise to entrepreneurs and startups, analyzing target audiences, formulating hypotheses, and putting them to the test. Now I want to focus on UX research.
  • In an hour's consultation, I advised a commercial photographer to pivot to solo work and to reach out to former clients. Within a week, they secured clients for the entire month.
  • During casual talks, I narrowed the target audience and realigned the online branding for an Israeli kitchen factory. Their total revenue for the four months following the changes doubled compared to the preceding four-month period.
  • In a global femtech startup, I rapidly tested numerous hypotheses, identifying a positioning that resulted in a $0.15 app installation cost and subsequently secured investment.
Help understand a system approach to marketing
Grounded in cybernetics, system theory, control theory, and system analysis, this course explains the inherent risks of imitating existing marketing methods without considering unique system dynamics
Try to make 10 strangers on the street sing and ask others to sing along. Building a community is like this, but even worst: you don't have eye contact and you need to convince 100 times more people. if you have any doubts or questions then you shouldn't grow a community for your business.
This article emphasizes the psychological barriers faced by founders that can hinder effective marketing, particularly in small enterprises and startups. It proposes an analogy between the Hero's Journey, Tarot major arcana, and the marketing strategy creation process, offering a nuanced approach to navigate these challenges.
This article delves into the dynamics of customer retention, emphasizing that not every initial purchase naturally leads to subsequent ones. By examining various industries and consumer behaviors, it reveals that often a single, well-executed sale, aligned with deeper consumer values or needs, can be sufficient to ensure repeat purchases.
Many people use the terms "risk" and "uncertainty" interchangeably, suggesting that both indicate a significant chance of failure. While this isn't entirely wrong, it doesn't guide us in navigating through this danger of failure.
Help navigate and optimize marketing strategies
Building a brand takes a lot of money and time. But not every business needs it for getting sales. Check if this is your case so you can get sales faster than you think
Evaluate your ability to identify and understand the underlying reasons and resulting outcomes of various interactions and trends on social media.
Determine whether establishing a community on social media aligns with your goals and business needs through this diagnostic quiz.

Introducing a chatbot designed to provide businesses with a unique opportunity: accelerated decision-making processes with minimal energy expenditure, coupled with the benefit of an alternate viewpoint to ensure optimal marketing strategies.

The chatbot operates by asking specific questions related to an individual business situation. Based on the responses, it determines the most suitable parameters for an efficient marketing strategy. Additionally, to ensure clarity and prevent potential misunderstandings, the system includes various verification questions.