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5 unusual apps for learning English

I started learning English many times and always quit it. I installed mobile apps you all know about but all of them were the same and therefore boring. It takes a lot of motivation - to do what's difficult and not interesting, but is important and necessary. So I found 5 unusual good-looking apps, and my interest in this apps is enough to do hard thing – learning English.


Simple Russian boy-bot Vasya explains English in a simple way. Vasya teaches to be a «predictable foreigner»: to make mistakes so that other peoples can understand you. Also i decreases stress level. I feel free to make mistakes and so I don't afraid to learn English. This process is becoming simple and funny conversation with laughable bot. Vasya doesn't skimp on praise. He gives you little tasks you can finish and always compliments you. Chatting with him you don't feel yourself like a loser. But what's more important for me, Vasya is very logical person. He uses causal relationship, system vocabulary and if-else constructions. If you are a technical specialist you will be glad to have such a teacher))

In general, Vasya is a close friend in my iPhone.


It's a very simple and powerful idea and I don't understand why there are not so many similar apps in AppStore. This app sending you push notifications with sentences in English and its Russian translation. Every day the app chooses a new word for learning and uses it in sentences. That's all! This app doesn't have many settings: only time for push notifications and your English level. Pay attention that push notifications are send only if app's open.


Most unpleasant thing for me is a learning new words. All these ordinary word cards are very ugly. I can't force myself to open app and study. But at the same time it's the most necessary part of English learning for me now. Drops is the only app I didn't delete after a week. Drops isn't intrusive and there is something to look at.

This app allows you to study only 5 minutes per day. And the app doesn't show a Russian translation of words, only pictures.


Just like all the other applications above, Speak is an app for introverts. I remember the spot-factor for visiting an English school was that I need to speak with other people. In any languages. I quit my work in an office where I communicate with people all day and then needed to go to group English class. Finally, I quited this English school and lost my money. Speak is a solution to this problem: you can train your pronunciation on a sofa and in a sleepwear - without any preliminary agreement. This app is recording you speaking and you can listen yourself later. Conversation subjects are ordinary but I'm only at the beginning. Maybe later this app will offer more interesting topics.

Tandem, HelloTalk and Hello Pal

These are three apps about chating with people from other countries. It very interesting because at the other end there is a real person who is learning the language too (but different). And I can speak on topics I really find interesting, not only about today's lesson as it was in English school. I can ask about LANY's last album or how do people live in their country. I'm constantly hanging out there. But it is not about strong English, it's more like socialite talk.