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Improver: Welltory

I really like this app (I will tell you why later), I bought an annual subscription, I use it every day. But there is always something to improve. Below are my thoughts on what can be improved in Welltory.
1. Let's start with the simplest. Text tips in the measurement process are showing up too fast. I don't even have time to finish reading. Besides this, sometimes I need more time to translate the sentence into Russian.

2. I don't understand how the app works with tags still. Will it be two events if I set two tags in the measurement? This often happens when one event has ended and another begins immediately. I want to take one measurement with two tags: "after event 1" and "before event 2". But I take two measurements for these two events now because I want to get an analysis of two events independently.

3. For a long time, I didn't understand how the section "Experiments" in "History" works. In this section, it didn't show anything and I asked myself: Is this because I don't have enough measurement with any tags? Or is this because the app has mistakes? Or is this because I did something wrong? Some notes in this section could help me.

4. I did not immediately find out that the section "History" has charts. In my opinion, it not logical because all of the charts I search for on the Dashboard. And now when I want to see some charts I don't know where to search for them: in History or on the Dashboard.

5. If I push on "Energy" the more detailed information with links to lectures will open. But if I push on, for examples, "LF" the settings for measurements will open. For two similar actions I have two different results. And the fact that I can't go back with one click is also unpleasant.

6. And now let's talk about the more important part. The app doesn't have an answer to the question "And what is next?" I started using the app to learn how I can improve my feelings. But the app only shows a current status of indicators and doesn't show how to change these. I can't find descriptions about indicators in-app or on Google. I don't know what influences this indicator. And finally, I don't know what I can change to change an indicator. I have a good example. I noticed the blood circulation efficiency is always low. And I found in a description that this depends on the level of oxygen in my blood. Then I opened the balcony door for a night and the next morning, I had very good blood circulation efficiency. Now I know that oxygen is very important for my body and I open the balcony door each night. I want to know what I can do to improve other indicators.

7. Some more about indicator descriptions. It assumes that I usually have an index within the normal range and today only the index is without the normal range. But I have some abnormalities. For examples, my pulse is over 90 sometimes and it isn't a mistake of measurement. So I would want to analyze my changing pulse but the app thinks that I mistook the measurement.

8. I don't have enough charts for changing indicators. I would want to work with one indicator and see it changing in time. But now I have to look at all the history and to draw conclusions speculatively.