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ChatGPT served brilliantly as a coach for me today. It reviewed my CV-related texts and constantly pushed me to make them clearer.

While doing this, I realized that I usually view my achievements from the angle of "how well I performed." However, in reality, the projects where I worked hard often only resulted in burnout and conflicts. My most significant achievements came from projects where I didn't work hard:

— In an hour's consultation, I advised a commercial photographer to pivot to solo work and to reach out to former clients. Within a week, they secured clients for the entire month.

— During casual talks, I narrowed the target audience and realigned the online branding for an Israeli kitchen factory. Their total revenue for the four months following the changes doubled compared to the preceding four-month period.

— In a global femtech startup, I rapidly tested numerous hypotheses, identifying a positioning that resulted in a $0.15 app installation cost and subsequently secured investment.

It's unsettling yet empowering to acknowledge my exceptional efficiency. I could realistically promise a 'strategy in 2 days,' but I understand why that might sound too good to be true. I've lived it, I've proven it.

Evaluate results, not work.