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Instant Results: A Matter of Context, Not Clocks

I was discussing the concept of 'instant results' with someone today and realized that time is a relative concept.

For an engineer, even a nanosecond's delay means the result isn't instant.

For someone who has suffered from headaches for decades, solving the problem in a few hours might seem like an instant result.

Do you see what I mean? The sense of immediacy depends not on the actual number of seconds, but on how those seconds compare to past experiences.

So, why am I saying this? Today's discussion was about the speed of obtaining results.

The feeling of 'oh my god, how quickly I got the result' is likely experienced by those who have long struggled, tried, and failed.

Perhaps (and this is still a hypothesis), this parameter should be included in the segmentation. However, understand that if a person hasn't even tried to solve a problem yet, then speed probably isn't a compelling argument or advantage for them.