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Content schedule

A content schedule is supposed to make life easier, but sometimes, it can do the opposite - it can lead to total burnout in content creation.

Because a content schedule piles on demands, increasing the tasks you feel you must do. For those with demand-avoiding tendencies, this can lead to a complete avoidance of these tasks. Ironically, the schedule meant to help ends up making things worse. Without it, you might have created content sporadically, but now, you're not creating at all. And let's be real - a few posts here and there are way better than none, right?

I’ve taken a different approach. Instead of a rigid schedule, I’ve developed a fluid process for preparing and publishing content. It's all about seizing the moment an idea strikes, quickly crafting the text, and getting it out there without delay.

Take a look at your own process: what's stopping you from publishing a post the moment it’s ready? Why push it to later?