chapter 8
You can't pour two liters of water into a one-liter jar. So you need to have enough capacity in your social media system to build a large-scale account. This means that you need to have enough capacity for all elements and connections between them.

Imagine an electrical network. You can't run high voltage current through ordinary wires. You need special cables.

You can't create a significant social impact based on poor relationships inside the team, or based on unprofessional and impersonal participants, or based on a boring idea.
Set the value from 1 to 10 for your expectation of impact from your social media account.

Then set the value from 1 to 10 for elements inside your system (look at the chapter "System connections" where you've written these). Finally, calculate the average value for all your elements.

And then compare two values: first for your expectation impact and second for your system. You need to improve your system if the second is lower.