chapter 1
Frequently, requests to the marketing team are like people bringing us puzzle pieces and asking "I have this puzzle piece. Can you tell me what is wrong with it?" For a marketer to provide an answer, the marketer must first ask:

- What kind of puzzle do you want to insert the puzzle piece?
- Why did you decide that something was wrong with the puzzle piece?
- Have you already tried to do something else?

A puzzle piece may be fine on its own, but the problem lies in the connections between the piece and the puzzle you want to insert it in.

Similarly, the statement "my account doesn't bring sales" is not true. A more accurate statement may be "I go out to some audience through this account and want to make this much sales for this product, but it doesn't happen".

You always should start marketing work with a clearly defined problem. A good description of a problem is half of its solution.

Write down the one main problem in this way:
- the first element
- the second element
- the connection between the two elements with a defined metric.

Each element may consist of several parts but should have specific (numerable if possible) parameter values.