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Kitchens & Drums website narrative

I create website texts using the Classical Hollywood Narrative Framework:

— Characters: Who is speaking to whom through the website?
— Conflict: As my photojournalism teacher used to say, "No conflict, no photograph."

— Narrative Arc (The Hero's Journey): What reader transformation should the site describe? It should align with factors most influencing the purchase decision.

— Tone of Voice: How to converse with the reader?

— Hooks and Cliffhangers: Engaging hooks for the beginning and cliffhangers for the end of sections that will keep the reader's attention and encourage them to continue scrolling through the website.

This approach prompts marketing questions that are typically overlooked, providing deeper insights into the development of customer relationships: its pace, format, and stages. Practically, this enhances website conversion and lead loyalty.

The image is an example of such work for a real business (intentionally unspecified, so you can personally discern the difference).