The 2 weeks online group practice in order to grow your account and increase revenue. Based on cybernetics, system theory, and communication theory.
We all are different. Tall and small, loud and shy, creative and logical.
But the marketing advice we usually see is similar. Why so different people should get similar results through similar paths? It's insane.

It's like expecting that a squirrel and a fish will swim the distance at the same time. They won't!

Each of you can grow accounts in your personal way. Because you are unique. This world needs your special voice. This world needs your special point of view. This world needs you!

I see your value!

  • 1
    Choosing the content type and marketing channels you will be most comfortable with
  • 2
    Finding the way achieve your goals with that channels and content types
  • 3
    Finding the exact reason you don't have desired results
  • 4
    Defining what to say and how to say to your audience
  • 5
    Defining your business and marketing goals and KPIs
  • 6
    Understanding the customers' needs
Short theory
You will get short lectures almost every day.
Practice tasks
Each lecture will have practice tasks to do right today. It will require half an hour because these tasks are not for working more, but for seeing the situation in a way you are not used to seeing.
Chat for asking help
You will have a chat for sharing task results or asking for help. I will answer every day and will help you personally.

Ekaterina Unzhakova
Founder at Ugetgoal
Hi, I'm Kate. I work as a marketing strategist for more than 10 years. I own a marketing agency and now grow two startups as a CMO.

Most of my clients are small entrepreneurs. I saw a lot of them suffering from a low marketing budget that leads them to low marketing results. It's not a sentence))))) .

It's possible to do efficient digital marketing with a humble budget and team. And I want to give my vision of opportunities to all of the entrepreneurs in order to they make this world better!
This is a short practice course focused on growing business Instagram accounts. Business account means that this account sells or wants to sell something.

The start is on November, 5.

If you pay before October 24, a guide about system marketing will send to you as a gift!
Access to all content and group chat where you can ask any question related to the lessons' themes.
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Access to all content and group chat where you can ask any question related to the lessons' themes.

One personal review of your account (written) with recommendations.
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What is ugetgoal?
You can achieve the goal with many options. It's like a ride: to go to the final point you can use different ways, but which one is the best? Navigator makes you the path. Ugetgoal makes you the path in marketing.
541 Jefferson Ave., Ste. 100 Redwood city, CA 94063

+1 213 5100775

Telegram: @ugetgoal
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