Ugetgoal will automatically build your unique roadmap to achieve your goals and increase sales.
Improve Your Business Efficiency
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What is ugetgoal?
You can achieve the goal with many options. It's like a ride: to go to the final point you can use different ways, but which one is the best? Navigator makes you the path. Ugetgoal makes you the path in marketing.
How It Works
Do a test
Just select the option that fits your current state best. You don't need to write a lot of texts, chat with a bot on off-topic, or provide any personal or commercial information.
Get the list of options
All the ways you have to increase sales from the most likely to the least. The results are generated automatically in seconds.
Choose the best options
And push away the options that will not work for you.
What we use
to build the correct results for you
It's based on fundamental science such as cybernetics, system theory, and communication theory.

All calculations are in terms of probability theory, but it shows in the human language for simpler understanding.
What is roadmap
Roadmap includes:
— analysis of your current state
— analysis of resources you have
— analysis of the goal you want to achieve
— building the list of options you have
— choosing the best options you have and explaining this
— defining the plan for the next steps.

You can create as many as you want roadmaps for businesses. If you don't have enough information for building the list of options, you will get the list of required information in the result. You can collect this information and come back to make a roadmap again.
We are still creating the product and will let you know when it will be ready. Be the first to know we are launched!
More about our methodology
Read the short course about how social media marketing works by the system analysis and cybernetics.
For multi-page projects or for navigation within one page
How to add a link to a certain spot in the project

Ekaterina Unzhakova
Founder at Ugetgoal
Last week I had several clients who asked me to do a marketing strategy but I said they don't need marketing at all. Weird? No.

Sometimes people think they need marketing or social media, but in fact, they have a more fast and cheap way to get more sales. Or with the current business model, they won't make marketing cost-efficient. It's not yet marketing itself. It's pre-marketing settings.

Once I calculated how many options for marketing strategies ever exist using combinatorics formulas. It's infinity! How will you choose one way among infinity? If you already know that, this tool won't help you. Just do it, don't hesitate. If you don't — welcome to the non-human tool for making efficient marketing decisions. It definitely will reduce the uncertainty.

Wish you an income boost!

    541 Jefferson Ave., Ste. 100 Redwood city, CA 94063

    Text on Telegram: @ugetgoal
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