Ekaterina Unzhakova
Customer experience manager, Product manager

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English — Intermediate, Russian - Native


Making changes to the product on the basis of feedback, which will improve the proportion between positive and neutral reviews to 80/20%, through the analysis of user experience and use of design thinking methodology.


13 years of professional experience in project management and customer experience.
Case 1: Photo studio ArtXouse. Create a best photo studio in a town in one year.
Case 2. Mobile app Dater.com. Increase in the conversion rate at registration from 25% to 50%; the percentage of returned users from 10% to 40%.

2 diplomas in IT. Junior School "Practice of Incubation: From Idea to Hight-Tech Business".
Key methods: Design Thinking, Service Design, Ability to Communicate with Programmers.
Publications and Media References: http://goo.gl/ththhY.
Member of the Expert Council of the Runet Prize in 2011 and 2012. Winner of the III International Festival of Non-Profit Internet Projects.

Experienced in managing a team of up to 5 people
The ability to build efficient processes on the federal scale.
Strategic, innovative, logical, adaptable, problem solving.

Photo school Photoplay
The task: students often ask is there are any portfolio-reviews in photo school. I needed to come up with an event like this and make it.

The decision:
- I analyzed the students' wishes, photo school's goals, past experience in making events like this, and teachers' ideas.
- I offered a new format of events, which could increase efficiency: there are 5 photographers to one expert at the same time, and all of them watch and discuss one portfolio for 5 minutes.
- I suggested a theme for public discussion after portfolio-review, and agreed on it with experts.
- I found experts and agreed to terms of cooperation.
- I made a landing page and facebook ads.
- I held an event: from room preparation, to communication with all experts and participants.

The result is this event becoming a regular in the photo school. Counts of positive feedback from experts is 100%, from participants - 90%.

Photo report: https://photoplay.ru/zine/content/reportazh-s-port...
The task: to make a mobile dating app which takes people offline as quickly as possible. Basically, my role was to propose and test hypotheses.

The decision:
- I held user tests which helped to make decisions about interface's and algorithm's changes.
- I proposed and tested hypotheses about users' behavior models in the app.
- I wrote the script for calling users for getting feedback.

The result is, the conversion increased from 25% to 50%, and the count of returning users increased from 10% to 40%. Counts of useful user actions in app increased also.

The duration of the work by this project is 6 month.
Center for IT Research and Expertise at the Russian Academy of National Economy and Public Administration under the President of the Russian Federation, Russia
The task: to develop a proposal of optimization for 15 regional and municipal public services, and agreed on it with the Ministry of Digital Development, Communications and Mass Communications of the Russian Federation.

The order of regional and municipal public services can be established by each region or municipality in the Russian Federation. Regional government doesn't answer to the federal government, and this is because the federal government can't establish a uniform procedure for granting this service. We can affect to this service only by federal laws or arrangements with regions and municipalities. There are 85 regions and about 15,000 municipalities in the Russian Federation.

The decision:
- I collected information about procedure for granting these services by telephone and video calls, meeting and close cooperation with pilot regions.
- I made "as is" models.
- I developed "to be" models and agreed on it with the Ministry.
- I took part in a meeting as a Ministry representative with other federal ministries.

The result are "to be" models was developed for all 15 services. These models allowed to decrease the count of documents, which the applicant must bring, and decrease the count of applicants' visits. The part of these proposals is adopted by laws and introduced in regions.

The duration of the work for this project is 2 years.
The task: to develop a Russian internet-banks' rating.

The decision:
- I developed a method of doing ratings and developed a checklists.
- I found a respondent and conducted a survey.
- I summed up and wrote a report.

The result is a published Russian internet-banks' rating. The duration of the work for this project is about 6 months.

Link to method: http://markswebb.ru/upload/pdf/Markswebb-InternetB...
Photo studio ArtXouse
The task: to make a photo studio for professional photographers in Tula City.

Professional photographers do not needed decorations, but very important to have wall color, equipment quality, and customer convenience.

The decision:
- I repaired the room, created a podium.
- I serviced the room: cleaning, decisions on everyday issues, communication with landlord. - I created a non-specific for photo studios things: color light, smoke car, big curtain, etc.
- I organized and held a master-classe with famous photographers, which weren't held by any other of Tula's photo studios.
- I organized and held a thematic photo shooting.
- I looked for clients.

The result is, the photo studio became the best photo studio for professional photographers, by the photographers' words.

The duration of the work for this project is about 2 years.
Doka, Tula-molod
The task: to make a website for communication and collaboration between youth and the youth agency.

The decision:
- I created the Doka site, and later the Tula-molod site with managing a domain, hosting, developing, design and content.
- I organized a photo session for these sites.
- I filled the sites with official information.
- I taught youth agency's employees to use emails, sites and other information technologies.
- I worked with youth to find interesting content, and attracted youth to positive activities.
- I wrote methods for content editors.

The result is, the youth agency had a website which really worked and was a place to communicate with youth. The Doka project became a winner of III international contests by nonprofit internet-projects.
Contests and awards
Member of the Expert Council of the Runet Prize in 2011 and 2012.
Winner of the III International Festival of Non-Profit Internet Projects.
National contest of leaders and managers of children and youth public associations
Informational interaction between regional authorities and youth. Requirements, expectations, current state - 23 aug. 2011 - Systems Analysis and Information Technologies: proceedings of the Fourth International Conference (Abzakovo, Russia, August 17-23, 2011), volume 2

Technological Means of Interaction in Internet Communities - May 19, 2012 - THEORY AND PRACTICE OF SYSTEM ANALYSIS: Proceedings of the II All-Russian Scientific Conference of Young Scientists with International Participation (May 16 - 19, 2012). Volume 1
Publications in the media